Land at the Northern Arc, Burgess Hill

Our Proposals

Design Approach

The design has been shaped by the parameters agreed at the outline application stage (density, heights, access and green infrastructure) and the local character of Burgess Hill - albeit with a contemporary interpretation. We shared our initial design ideas with the local community and other key stakeholders including MSDC Design Review Panel this summer and as a result of feedback received have made some changes.

Key changes include:

The CGIs show that our scheme would be in-keeping with neighbouring development, whilst also being sympathetic to Bedelands Nature Reserve.


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The layout adjacent is for the main part of the scheme for 222 homes on plots P1.5 and P1.6. These homes would be accessed from Isaacs Lane and form the main part of this phase of development at the Northern Arc.

With a mix of 1 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom houses, along with 30% affordable housing, these homes would look to address identified local housing needs. Storey heights in these sub phases would be predominantly 2.5/3 storeys, with discrete 4 storey elements along the Northern Arc Avenue as per the approved parameter plans.

This additional layout (shown right) shows plot P1.3 which is located at Lowlands Farm south of the Bedelands Nature Reserve. This smaller element of our proposals is for just 25 homes and would be accessed through the Freeks Farm development which is currently being built by Countryside Homes.

30% affordable housing is included, with the 8 affordable homes in this sub phase looking to be fully integrated throughout the layout. Building heights would be predominantly 2/2.5 and 3 storeys, with any 3 storey elements being discreet.

The potential conversion of Lowlands Barn into two additional homes is still being explored and thus it does not form part of this Reserved Matters application.

Open Space & Landscaping

A desire to create a high quality environment that will promote the health and well-being of residents has been a key objective of our proposals. Access to open space has such an important role in our well-being and our proposals include large swathes of open space.

The development of Lowlands Farm will include an extension to Bedelands Nature Reserve. This will include the provision of several new footpaths, which will be sensitively designed so as not to put additional pressure on the flora and fauna of this Ancient Woodland. Other areas of landscaping in the more developed areas of the site offer interesting and innovative elements including garden streets, village greens, a small stone amphitheatre and areas for natural play.

It is important to note that a principle objective of this application is to facilitate connectivity between the residential development and areas of open space surrounding the development sub-phases, as well as promoting integration with the strategic green transport corridors that are an integral component of the Northern Arc development.

Any proposed planting would be with native species and would seek to enhance and support existing habitats and where appropriate create new ones. As a result, our proposals would deliver biodiversity net gain - helping to support flora and fauna.


All highways implications of the wider Northern Arc development were carefully considered and addressed at the outline planning application stage. Our Reserved Matters proposals work within the parameters of the outline consent.


Sustainability is at the heart of our proposals and we have agreed with MSDC to achieve an overall site wide reduction in CO2 emissions of 19% (exceeding national technical standards). We have achieved this by incorporating solar PV panels and using sustainable materials in the build.

In addition to this we are also proposing additional sustainability features including: