Land at the Northern Arc, Burgess Hill


Landscaping & Open Space

A desire to create a high quality environment that will promote the health and well-being of residents has been a key objective of our proposals. These past 16 months, where we have spent more time than ever at home, have shown us all the importance of well designed developments and how access to open space has such a key role in our well-being.

With this in mind, our proposals have been landscape led, with large swathes left as open space and woodland, and those developed areas offering interesting and innovative landscaping elements including garden streets, ponds with viewing areas and even an amphitheatre.

Green corridors are entwined within the overall connectivity strategy, incorporating both existing and new hedgerows, connecting to adjacent woodlands and riparian edges wherever feasible, and installing street trees, SuDS and amenity spaces in the more developed areas to create ‘stepping stones’ for wildlife through the scheme.

We have also introduced recreational paths and seating areas for socialising and enjoying views of the surrounding countryside whilst also ensuring easy access to the wider neighbourhood and facilities.


Play is integrated throughout the site, and there is a focus on natural play that utilises the landscape. Amenity and play are focused on enjoying the natural features of the site, connecting people to natural processes and providing sensory environments for them to enjoy, as well as designing spaces that encourage socialisation and community.

Natural Play Images
Natural Play Images
Natural Play Images
Natural Play Images


We have devised a biodiversity enhancement strategy that will deliver a 10% biodiversity net gain through supporting existing habitats and providing new habitat with green roofs and marginal pond plantings as part of a sustainable urban drainage system adding to the biodiversity provision. The edges of existing woodlands and hedgerows will be supplemented with new planting to enhance these important habitats and encourage wildlife.

In the development areas, new plantings will be carefully selected to promote greater biodiversity, support pollinator species and provide new habitats. Insect hotels, log piles, and bird and bat boxes will also be strategically placed to further enhance habitat provision on site.

Biodiversity and ecology strategy

Biodiversity and ecology strategy - Download PDF version